Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A short Pause...

Humphrey is finally about to head off on his very late Summer Holidays, and as such will be away from all forms of blogging for roughly three weeks while he travels to some exotic and remote destinations with only a fully loaded Kindle for company!
The next update will probably be on the weekend of 10-11 November.



  1. Enjoy your trip... I look forward to further postings on your return.

  2. OGH,

    Please take your lap-top and enjoy the sun/snow/dampness or whatever-takes-your-boat. [Skimmer, ark etc.] Your sensible approach to defence - along with TD's - mean that us junkies need regular fixes (as does the MoD)!

  3. Me too - I hope you enjoy your holiday and forget the trials & tribulations of caring about our armed forces.